Forward SMS Messages From App To Rest

Forward SMS Messages From Your Phone To Your Rest Server

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How does it work?

Forward SMS Messages/Text Messages that are received on a mobile device to your REST API Server / Other device / E-Mail Address

Run this application on your device and any message that is received by your mobile device will be forwarded to your rest web API (or other target)

You can configure the application to use GET or POST actions when accessing the API server

You can use this App to forward up to 50 SMS messages to your API server. After that you will have to buy a license that will allow the App to be used for any number of SMS messages. The price is 8.8$ - One time payment, no monthly payment

Install Permissions

Note that in order to install this App you will have to allow installing Apps from "unknown sources". why?

Permissions Needed

"RECEIVE_SMS","READ_SMS","SEND_SMS","WRITE_SMS": to be able to grab the SMS messages that are received by the device.
"FOREGROUND_SERVICE","WAKE_LOCK": to be able run as a service.
"INTERNET" : to be able to send the message to your API server.

Code Example #1 - To be placed on your server (JSP)

Example server side code (API.jsp): Copy Text

Code Example #2 - To be placed on your server (PHP)

Example server side code (API.php): Copy Text

Default Server Url

When the application first starts the target URL for the Rest API is our example page:
If you just want to test that SMS forwarding is working do the following:
* Leave the "example" url as is
* Activate the APP.
* Send a message to yourself
* Browse to
There you will see the last message that was sent to your phone.
Make sure you change this URL to your own API server

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You will have to enable "Install From Unknown Sources" to install the App on your device

Why this App is not in App Google Play?

Google have changed their policy about apps that need to recive text messages. This kind of app no longer can exist in google play because google demands that this app will be the default SMS handler which is not logical.
When you have a web site that sends text messages and you want to process the responses of the clients you may need this kind of app. A good example (legitimate example) for a use case is as follows:

1. You are a wedding manager and you send text messages to potential guests for the wedding to check if they plan on coming or not.
2. You want to process the responses programatically and not manualy, so you need to get the responses to your web site.

Privacy policy

1. "SMS Forwarding To Rest API" forwards all incoming text messages to the rEST endpoint provided in the main screen configuration page.
2. "SMS Forwarding To Rest API" stores locally on the device a list of all message and phone number that where forwarded to the rEST API
This list is visible at the "logs" tab.
3. "SMS Forwarding To Rest API" does not send or share the data to any other endpoint apart from the one provided by the user in the main configuration tab.
4. User can clear the forwarding logs at any time from the logs tab. "SMS Forwarding To Rest API" does not store the data in other places.


Video that explains how to use the Forward SMS to API App

How to control multiple "Forward SMS to API" Apps from a single point


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Unlimited SMS forwardingYes
Forward to API/RestYes
Forward to other phoneYes
Control Multiple DevicesYes
Exclude / Include RulesYes
Monthly FeeNo
Price (One Time Payment) 8.8$
Even Lower Price (Bulk License Available)Yes

Important Notes

  • Buy using PayPal Or Credit Card. This is a one time payment of 8.8$
  • If you are planning to purchase 20+ licenses please contact us HERE for a 'group' license.
  • The best option is to buy directly from the device that the App is installed on. In that case the license key is automatically applied and there is no need to wait for manual activation.
  • Note! The license is for a single device and cannot be used on two different devices (see transfer license procedure)
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